GOYSAR forged wheels S.L. is a new company established in 2008, whose activities are the design, development, production and sales of light alloy wheels.

Despite its short life, Gfw has a long experience producing wheels, developing projects through the design and the engineering.

Gfw designs and develops its own wheels and also for its customers, focusing on a high performance market and on the most important and relevant customers from the automotive sector.

Most of the staff and the current technology of Gfw come from a previous international experience developing wheels. 


Gfw considers Design as the first step of each project’s process. With this activity, we suggest and research new lines for those clients that require it, and our company develops new concepts for the brand.

Our clients entrust us their ideas and their wheels concepts, defining us the product, and trusting in Gfw for the first Design’s proposal. From these suggestions, will be developed the best option that fit with the client’s original idea.

Gfw’s experience and training, about forged wheels project’s development, offers a high level of satisfaction on the realized Designs, because the idea and the final proposal will be the same during the mechanized process. Each wheel Design fit it with the tecnical design, keeping in mind very important structural and production aspects in the conception, in such a way that the wheel showed to the client won’t change during the project’s development.